Off Road

Each ride is graded as 1, 2 or 3. Sometimes you may find a 1/2 ride or 2/3 ride which are in between these grades. Grades depend on steepness and frequency of hills and technical sections, especially downhill or where tracks are narrow.

‚Äč(1) = Easy -  Ideal for those who want a relaxing, social ride. usually along tow paths and in parks (e.g. Richmond). There may be some slight hills. Suitable for those with some previous experience and a reasonable level of fitness. The rides are typically 12-16 miles. 

We also run easier rides occasionally, these are marked 'Suitable for beginners'.

(2) = Intermediate Some hills and/or technical sections but nothing too difficult. Will get your heart pounding occasionally!

(3) = Challenging These can include steep and long hills and difficult technical sections. They are both challenging and exhilarating. We encourage all of our riders to learn skills and get fit enough to reach this grade. But remember, we are an over 50 age group so we always cycle within our limitations.

(3+) = Very Challenging! We cater for all sorts and some of oir riders really want to stretch themselves. So these rides can be fast, long and very challenging and often a combination of all three.. Only for riders who have shown themselves to be comfortable and adept on grade 3 rides. Only turn up once you've had a chat with the ride leader beforehand.

P.S. Electric bikes are getting more and more popular. If you have a suitable off road electric bike then please feel free to use it but at the same time recognise the etiquette for electric bike riders,