We usually meet at 10.00am and start the riide at 10.15am but do take a look at the ride list to make sure that times haven't changed.

Each ride takes around three hours. It may seem a long time but it goes surprisingly rapidly, we have plenty of stops and a 'banana break' or a 'tea shop break' at the halfway point. We then meet at a pub afterwards for a drink, maybe something to eat and a chat. We strongly advise you to wear a crash hat. Bring layers of clothing with you, especially in the winter. It can get cold, but a vigorous climb uphill can then make you hot.

Bring a drink such as water or an energy drink. You could get rather hungry on the ride so you may want to bring a banana or biscuits.

Please make sure you bring a spare inner tube. There will always be somebody to assist you if need be. And if you have a mobile phone then bring that as well in case of emergencies.

Electric bikes and their riders are welcome on our rides as long as they do not in any way interfere with the enjoyment of those riding non-electric bikes. 

Wherever possible electric bike riders should seek to enhance the enjoyment of non-electric bike riders by for example manning gates and finding lost riders